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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Malaysia not on immigration ban list: US Embassy

The US Embassy here has denied reports saying Malaysia is one of the countries on the list of countries affected by US President Donald Trump's immigration ban. A spokesperson from the embassy when contacted today told the New Straits Times that Malaysians are still free to travel to the US.

"That is not true. Malaysia is not on the list," she said. An online report today stated that Malaysia was one of 20 new countries whose people are banned from entering the US, following a seven-nation travel blacklist issued by Trump in an executive order The report quoted a tweet by a US reporter using Twitter handle, @JackSmithIV, stating that: "The update from the lawyers at JFK is in: 71 detainees total have been held, from 20 countries.

They won't all fit in one tweet, so... "Banned countries, plus: Turkey/Libya/Sri Lanka/Pakistan/France/Algeria/Jordan/China/Malaysia/Qatar/Senegal/Switzerland/Algeria/Egypt/Guinea." The report has gone viral on social media but has since been retracted.

A few hours later, Jack tweeted and clarified that “these are NOT countries where people are being banned from. These are people travelling from these countries who were detained. “(ie: travellers from these countries were swept up in detainment WITH the 7 ban countries. Seeing hardcore reactions, wanted to be clear)”

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