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Sunday, 30 December 2012


StopTheLies ; The more Lim Guan Eng explains on the disastrous showing by Malay candidates at DAP’s party polls recently, the more it points to his weak leadership in convincing its delegates on the need to have a balanced team.

The secretary general should stop defending himself nor make further excuses for the total exclusion of Malay representatives in the central executive committee (CEC) line up.

The disastrous results boils down to leadership. An able leader is one that is capable of cascading down the right message to the grassroots and set the direction and composition of the party.

In this case, Guan Eng had failed miserably in getting the message across to the 2,000 over delegates on the need to have Malay representation in the highest decision body of the party.

Perhaps he did not see the need for it just like the delegates who feel that there should not be power sharing with the Malays within the party.

Either Guan Eng had failed to emphasize the need to have Malay representation or that the delegates could not give two hoods about it.

But the mentality of Guan Eng is such that the Malays in the party are only good for one thing only. To help them woo Malay support, meaning attract votes for them to win elections. That’s all.

To quote Guan Eng (Malay Mail Dec 17), he said it openly that the appointment of two Malays (following the defeat of all Malay candidates in the party polls) into the CEC was based on their abilities to attract more from their community to join the party.

In other words, Guan Eng is saying that the Malays are good for nothing except to lure in the votes for them to gain power.

Now that the party has been labeled as anti-Malay, he went on a panick mode, calling for a press conference, explaining that it was beyond the control of the party who the delegates chose.

It is a known fact that “chai tan” (menu list) of candidates were distributed to delegates discreetly to get them to vote in certain individuals.

And obviously the eight names of the Malay candidates were not in the list which had the blessings of the top leadership of the party who they want to be in the ranks of the CEC circle.

Guan Eng must have panicked, when Ahmad Ton, the Johor DAP vice-chairman, surprised him by telling the press that he was disgusted with the contradictory party’s Malaysian-Malaysia stand.

What Malaysian-Malaysia when the Melayu candidates were all voted out.

He did not expect that Ahmad would dare to speak his mind off and when he did speak from his heart about Malays being marginalised within DAP, it hit Guan Eng’s nerve to the core.

That prompted Guan Eng to hurriedly call for a press conference to defend the shortcomings for fear of losing the valuable ground support of the Malays which had made it possible for Pakatan to make a tsunami win in several seats during the 2008 elections.

Hopefully the Malays will wake up soon to realise that Guan Eng had taken them for a ride.

They are used like tools to garner Malay votes but not given prominent roles to play in the party.

On this note, it would be interesting to see how many Malay candidates would be fielded in the coming general elections.

Perhaps Guan Eng should disclose how many Chinese, Malays and Indians would be fielded.

He should be transparent about it.


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